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In our search for new art talent, we travel much of the UK and visit countless Art School graduation shows during the course of the year. Much of these travels culminate in varying degrees of disappointment, but now and again, not so, as was the case at Wimbledon College of Art in the summer of 2014. Tucked on the top floor of one of the college buildings, I saw large paintings, very large paintings, with more energy, skill with colour and light/dark and sheer boldness than I've seen in a long time.

We brought Jess’ work to the gallery that autumn and have followed on with two successful exhibitions. Jess continues to paint around a centre theme; tress. It’s fascinating to see how, as time goes on, her work evolves and grows around that theme.

We've listed below her CV to-date, and what Jess has to say about her own work

Educational Qualifications

2011 – 2014 BA Fine Art: Painting, Wimbledon College of Art
2010 – 2011 Foundation in Art & Design, Wiltshire College

November 2016 – Castlegate House Gallery - Continuance
March 2015 – Castlegate House Gallery – New Talent
Aug 2014 - 2015 Clyde & Co Art Awards, London
June 2014 Wimbledon College of Art Degree Show 
April – Oct 2014 Capsticks, Wimbledon
June 2012 Open Exhibition, Pound Arts Centre

My work confronts the emotions and individual relationships we have with certain places, reflecting on both urban and rural environments and the pastoral setting in which I grew up. I look to express a sense or spirit of a place and a way of communicating how it feels to be in these places. I consistently revisit themes of alienation and estrangement, but it is the recurrent quality of solitude that pervades much of my work. These depictions are rarely a true record of a particular place, but a combination of memory and experience. I choose subjects that are directly known to us, familiar and quotidian, whilst also ambiguous and open to shifts in mood and sensation. What is familiar and recognisable in these subjects is undermined by the incongruous use of colour and immediate mark-making.

Each painting undergoes a time-consuming process that involves reworking the material over multiple layers. This process of working generates certain outcomes and idiosyncrasies concerning atmosphere, tone and colour, derived from my recollections and feelings towards these evocative places.

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Jessica Pigott
Jess Pigott