Rebecca Swainston


Rebecca Swainston is an artist living and working in Tilehurst.

Her work is expressive, vibrantly colourful and psychologically charged. The work features powerful and memorable figures with animals, spaces, objects and intricate patterns. Her skilled draughtsmanship shows itself throughout, in the vitality and responsiveness of her line and the variety of her mark making.

Rebecca exposes the human condition; its complexity, vulnerability and strength, juxtaposing ideas about physicality and the conscious and subconscious mind. There is a strong narrative throughout the work with many layers of meaning giving the work the ability to fascinate, challenge, hold, and reward the viewer’s attention.

Themes include transformation, misapprehension, transgression, memory and projection, and these ideas are often carried by the presence and characteristics of the non-human creatures. The images arise from her own visual and personal experiences and from the beliefs and events in her own and other cultures.  

Rebecca is an active artist and exhibitor. She studied at Winchester School Art gaining a first in Fine-art printmaking, and then a Masters at Chelsea School of Art. She became teaching fellow at Winchester and she continues to teach art at all levels.

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Rebecca Swainston
Rebecca Swainston