Samuel Peploe


Born in 1871, Samuel Peploe was to become one of the most influential Scottish painters of the last century, one of a group of four artists who were to become known as the Scottish Colourists. Born in Edinburgh, briefly living and working in Paris for two years prior to the first world war, Samuel Peploe was to holiday in northern France where, influenced by the strength of light and colour, he began to incorporate such strong bold colour into his compositions, something he was to later become recognised for in his still lifes along with his fellow Colourists, Ferguson, Cadell and Hunter. The same influence of light and its effect on colour was to influence him once again on trips to the Scottish isle of Iona, where many such seascapes and coastal paintings emerged. 

Samuel Peploe died in 1935, leaving behind a body of work that continues to influence contemporary artists today. 

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