Discovered in his shared studio in Selkirk, on the Scottish Borders, Alex is a young artist and the latest in a line of family members who have all become professional artists. Painting from the heart, and gut, painting drives Alex, each and every day.

Suffering a serious road traffic accident, it was art that became his recuperation, self-medicating through paint. His use of texture creates a depth well beyond his years. A true talent not just in the making, but now. 

Represented by Castlegate House Gallery, Alex was quickly thrust into the limelight with a joint (two person) exhibition just six to seven months after first discovery; a virtual sell-out. His second two-person show followed in late 2016, again hugely successful as the appreciation of his talents grew.

2018 was a strong year for Alex, with critical success through finalist nomination in the John Moores Painting Prize and his first solo exhibition at Castlegate House Gallery.

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Alex Hain
Alex Hain