Chantal Joffe (RA)


Chantal Joffe (RA) Art and Paintings For Sale

A deserved member of the Royal Academy, Chantel Joffe is one of the most exciting figurative painters at work in Britain today.  She has an impressive academic background having graduated in Fine Art from Glasgow Art School (1988-91) and receiving an MA in painting from the Royal College of Art (1992-94).  Following this, she was also honoured with the Delfina Studio Trust Award and the Abby Scholarship respectively.

A portrait painter, Chantel paints gesturally with broad brushstrokes, allowing the paint residue to make and leave tracks.  Despite the appearance of immediacy each brushstroke is accurate, every colour is carefully considered and each subject thoughtfully chosen.  Chantel has an evocative, expressive style and her paintings range from small, intimate observations to menacingly large portraits.   Chantel enjoys painting women and finds the female form throughout the various stages in life a fascinating subject to study and whilst with humour and charm most in mind, she also has an eerie quality, painting subjects that peer out of the canvas to those looking at it.

Chantel is captivated by transition and is currently completing a series of self-portraits documenting changes in her own aging features. As well as her family and friends, she takes her inspiration from a variety of modern day influences such as fashion magazines, film and advertising.

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