Halima Cassell


Halima is an internationally renowned and respected sculptural artist. Brought up in the North West of England, she studied 3-D Design at the University of Central Lancashire before embarking on what has become a hugely successful career as an artist.

Halima uses a variety of mediums to produce her work. From clay, to marble, to bronze and even glass, her ability to create the most intricate and sophisticated, often geometric designs is truly astounding. Halima’s work in clay is, in our eyes at least, reminiscent of the great stone masons found in Britain in the early to late medieval periods. There is a tactile element to each that is hard to resist.

Halima has had numerous successful exhibitions and commissions (including a recent major solo exhibition at Blackwell), and her work is held by some of the major nationally respected museums and art galleries, including the following:

Victoria & Albert Museum; Leeds Museum and Art Gallery; The Hepworth Gallery; Walker Gallery Liverpool; Toe Gallery Mumbai; Higham Hall; Dundee Museum and Art Gallery; Oldham Museum and Art Gallery; Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery; Bolton Museum and Art Gallery; Peter Scott Gallery Trust; Harris Museum; Shipley Museum and Art Gallery; Jerwood Foundation Trust; Touchstone Museum and Art Gallery and the Bradford Museum and Art Gallery

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