Sarah Jane Bellwood


Sarah Jane Bellwood is an award-winning Lancaster based artist, one with an ability to convey exquisite detail seldom seen through paint. Sarah turns what may appear to be the common-place into studies of intracacy and detail that draw you in, further and further. 

In Sarah's own words:

"My work is predominantly about life and death through my obsession with objects and light. The arrangement of objects, when I am happy with its composition, is painted from life over a period of weeks. The light changes daily and the reflections and shadows merge, grow, recede and flicker. The excitement of painting comes from the new arrangement of light collected in the bowl of a spoon, or resting on the edge of a knife. 

The finished painting is not like a photograph of a moment, but the capturing of the moving and changing light over weeks. Life cycles, food chains and their relationship with humans form the concepts underpinning this fascination. The people who created the hedgerows and landscapes that form homes for these creatures equally fascinate. I am constantly struck by the sculptural aspects of hedgerows, the way they are tended, cut and their yearly cycle of regrowth homing their inhabitants. 

The cutlery I collect has been equally shaped and formed with edges scraped and worn away through constant use and handling. The user now dead, the ghost of his or her existence present in their unique wear and tear of the cutlery that they once owned. Entropy degrades the elements within the metals and everything ultimately returns to the earth."

Sucessfully represeted and shown in both London and New York, we're very pleased to be bringing Sarah's work to a Castlegate audience.  

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Sarah Jane Bellwood
Sarah Jane Bellwood