Helen Tabor was born in Middlesex but has lived in the Scottish Borders with her partner and three children for more than twenty years. She graduated in 1981 from York University, travelled widely to India and Bhutan where she worked within the voluntary sector.

Having gained her post graduate certificate of education in York in 1984, she taught Art, Drama and English, first at Boroughbridge School in North Yorkshire and then at Paro High School in Bhutan.

Pursuing her first and most passionate calling, Helen has developed as an artist over the past two decades, and has exhibited widely in public and commercial galleries. Her skill as both a land and sea-scape artist is widely recognised, most recently winning the Gullane Gallery Award at the Royal Scottish Academy.

A truly gifted artist, Helen's paintings are owned and collected internationally. Her fluid use of texture and colour, combined with a delicate and insightful interpretation of the world around her has justifiably led to both public and critical acclaim.

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