Bill Peascod


1920 - 1985
A nationally renowned climber and painter, William (Bill) Peascod was born in Maryport, Cumbria, in 1920. Entering the pits, like his father, at 13, it was to be a bike ride into the fells one early morning, aged 17, at the end of a night shift that was to change Bill forever. His autobiography, “Journey into Dawn” recounting his progression from miner, to climber and artist is a must, yet hard to obtain, read for anyone interested.

Bill began to walk the fells, meeting walkers and climbers alike, all fellow enthusiasts. It was this latter group that Bill became part of, with his natural strength and ability leading him to become one of the dominant names in British climbing in late 30s / early 40s.

Qualifying as a mining engineer, Bill emigrated to Australia where he discovered another great passion and natural skill, painting. He became well known as an experimental landscape painter, even, during the 1960s, producing wonderful mixed media works with their surfaces burnt to change the appearance and nature of some of the painted areas.

Despite his success in Australia, including exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Bill longed for his native Cumbria, and returned to the UK in 1980. Here he continued to paint, inspired by the fells he’d got to know before leaving 28 years earlier.

Sadly, Bill died of a heart attack whilst climbing in Wales in 1985. His legacies are many and varied, but none less than the wonderful and unique works he produced in paint.

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