Ten years and new work

20th July, 2022

20th July 2012

Today, 20th July, marks our ten year anniversary of opening the doors of Castlegate House under our ownership. It’s been an interesting time, for sure. We started with Grexit (2012 Euro crisis), then the 2016 Brexit vote and the folliwng “palava”, then a global pandemic, then a European war followed by what’s now known as the "Cost of Living Crisis”; never a dull moment. 

In truth, even with total hindsight, we’d have done it all again in a heartbeat. We’d like to thank everyone who’s supported and encouraged us over the last decade, and look forward to fostering many new friendships over the next ten years and beyond; although we’re waiting for the enevitable meteor collision which surely is the only thing left to happen.

New work in the gallery

As always, we continue to be busy, travelling aound the country seeking out new works to bring back to the gallery. Over the last few weeks we’ve brought back works by Sheila Fell, Bill Bell, Richard Fitton, Cathy Lewis and Howard Morgan, to name but a few. All may be seen HERE. Included within these is a rather special drawing circa 1961 of Mornington Crescent by Frank Auerbach. Frank gifted this work to his friend Lucian Freud who then on-gifted it to friend and art-model Raymond Jones, he of the famous Freud “Rat Man” painting. Quite the ownership history.

All for now, thanks to all once again, we wouldn't still be here without you. 

Steve and Christine

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