"Mid Century Modern" exhibition and new artists

2nd September, 2022

Mid Century Modern

As we've mentioned previously, we're having a wonderful time on our seemingly constant art-travels. Whilst discovering works by our more usual "names", the fun is also in acquiring works from the 20th century ("Modern British") by perhaps lesser known artists but with that certain "something" about them, bringing them back to Castlegate to live amongst their much higher profile stablemates, but at a much more affordable budget. Well, we've travelled more and acquired more and we thought we'd turn the gallery over to them and stage an exhibition. Mid Century Modern Alternatives may be viewed HERE.

All works are listed online and will be hung in-gallery for Thursday 8th September. The exhibition will run for just over three weeks until Saturday 1st October. Come and see an eclectic curated mix of art works from the twentieth century, with most dating from the 1930s to 1960s. 

Stefan Orlowski

We've also been rather busy seeking out new talent for the gallery, with two new names to introduce. 

Stefan Orlowski must be one the the most talented artists at work in the UK in the classical-meets-contemporary genre. A Masters graduate of Wimbledon College of Art, winner of the Young Artist award at the prestigious Lynn Painter Stainers Prize, Stefan is without doubt an artist dedicated to his calling. Working painstakingly from his Ulverston studio, largely painting from life, Stefan's paintings are produced over countless hours of sittings and an emersion in his response to sitter and place. We're thrilled to be working with Stefan. 

Craig Simpson

Craig Simpson we introduced to the gallery a couple of weeks ago and the response was instant. A self-taught true talent, with Freud and Stanley Spencer influence, Craig's first six works found new homes within two days; we now have a list of people who await his next work. 

Both Craig and Stefan will be exhibited by us at the British Art Fair at the Saatchi Gallery at the end of the month. We'll be sending complimentary tickets out in the next few days; anyone who would like one who doesn't usually receive one, please do let us know. 

All for now,

Steve and Christine 

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