Joffe, Fryer, Storey, Eardley and more....

20th June, 2023

New works for the gallery

A brief update about new works in-gallery, both those we’ve sought out on our travels, and those directly from some of our contemporary artists. The full list of new work maybe seen in our New Works for Summer exhibition or within Latest Work

We have works acquired from private collections from both Chantal Joffe (RA) and Norman Cornish, together with works from the likes of Joan Eardley and David Hockney (RA) complimented by contemporary works directly from Helen Fryer, David Storey, Craig Simpson and Halima Cassell.

Chantal Joffe (RA)

We’ve long admired the work of Chantal Joffe, but alas her work is very hard to come by; it’s been possibly five years or more since we acquired a set of six small paintings by her (which sold quickly). However, we’ve just acquired a larger oil painting from 2016, titled Scarlett and Lola. We actually acquired it from the aforementioned Lola, one half of the “subject matter”, both sitters having been painted by Chantal before, firstly when they were both just toddlers. So, impeccable provenance for a painting by one of the leading contemporary artists at work in the UK today.

Helen Fryer

As many of you will have realised, despite where we’re located, we don’t really do the contemporary Lakeland/Cumbrian landscape genre that much, it’s just not what we’re about. However, a notable exception for many years now has been the work of Helen Fryer, a hugely talented artist now based back in her home county, after many years of Edinburgh exile. We’ve just received four new works by Helen, with my favourite being November 12th, Wedholme Flow; just wonderful

David Storey

Also new in are four just-dried paintings by David Storey. As with Helen, we’ve worked with David for many years now and love receiving new work from him; it’s work that is left for the viewer to place their own narrative on what you’re seeing; there’s a feel of eras long since passed by about the work also. Maybe that’s a theme, our latest work by Craig Simpson also has that other-era feel about it. Maybe even when seeking out contemporary artists we subconsciously get drawn to those with a Modern British (20th C) feel about them; interesting.

Joan Eardley and taking a break

Firmly in the last century now, with the most wonderful of artists, the late Joan Eardley. Little Brother is about as tender yet unsentimental as they come. Likely to have been a work depicting two of the Samson children, her neighbours in the Townhead area of Glasgow, and produced in the late 50s into the very early 60s. It’s a top-tier work by Joan and we’re very proud to own it.

Lastly, just to let everyone know that the gallery will be closed from 24th June to the 8th July inclusive, as we take a little break. However, as always, we’ll continue to be available by email, telephone and social media through the entire period, ready to spring into art-action at a moments notice.

All for now,

Steve and Christine

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