Bill Peascod, Mid Century Art and other new works

7th May, 2022

Bill Peascod exhibition

Firstly, a quick reminder that the doors to our exhibition of recent Bill Peascod painting discoveries opens today (Saturday); fourteen works spanning Bill’s time in Australia and his return after twenty-eight years to his native Cumbria in 1980. The exhibition will run until 28th May and all works are listed in full HERE.

Mid Century Art and art fairs

Secondly, in addition to exhibiting at a number of the major London art fairs, we’re also appearing at a small number of regional fairs this year. The first of these will be in Buxton 19th-22nd of this month. Here we’ll be largely, although not exclusively, focussing on our affordable Mid Century Modern Alternatives finds, works we discover and seek out on our weekly art travels around the UK. A listing of some of the works to be shown maybe seen HERE. It’s some eighteen months since we embarked on this sub-set of the gallery offering and putting our collector’s caps on, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable addition to what we do. If anyone fancies a trip to Buxton, do let us know and we can provide complimentary tickets.

George Rowlett

Continuing on our search for new works, we’ve just brought two works to the gallery worthy of specific mention. The first, by George Rowlett, is a fabulous small heavy-impasto painting from 1980, titled Waterfall, Puck’s Glen, Argyll. Take a look at the second image on the weblink, sometimes the reverse is as interesting as the front!

Eileen Cooper (RA)

Also new in, a work from our own home; it’s true what they say, when an art dealer, ultimately everything ends up being for sale. In this case, a work by Eileen Cooper from 2014 and exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition of 2015. Illustrated in the RA book of Eileen’s work, Foxy has lived with us for seven years but now space is needed and it’s time to pass the baton onto another.

All for now,

Steve and Christine

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