Bill Peascod and Norman Cornish

27th April, 2022

Bill Peascod - Discoveries

Firstly, let’s start with the late Bill Peascod. Not very long ago, we were offered the opportunity to acquire thirteen paintings by Bill, from a longstanding friend of his. Works spanning his Australian years through to his return to his native Cumbria. Finding one work by Bill is a rare occurrence, finding them en-masse is unrepeatable. A page-turning digital catalogue can be enjoyed HERE whilst the full online listing of works may also be seen HERE.

Bill was a very gifted artist and climber, achieving success and critical acclaim in both disciplines. A move from Cumberland (as then known) to Australia, working as a mining engineer, was to prove a twenty-eight-year hiatus until his return to his home county in 1980, to once again be emersed in the fells and rock faces which, despite the distance, had never really left his side. 

Bill’s works are truly unique; from his 1960s Australian depictions, often abstract, always designed to convey how the environment around Bill made him feel. On his return to the UK, Bill’s works became more representational, depicting the landscape he’d longed to walk, climb and feel during the years in Australia. The relatively small and focused exhibition will open its doors on 7th May and run until 28th, with all works available to secure now.

New work from the Norman Cornish estate

Secondly, we’ve just chosen eight works from the family of the late Norman Cornish; actually it was nine, we had an oil painting which we took almost immediately upon receipt to the London Art Fair last week where it sold very quickly indeed. The eight new works may be seen HERE. They span genre and medium, with the common denominator being all have never been seen before, with most dating to the early 1960s to the mid 1970s. We have a detailed understanding as to what remains within the estate and oil paintings are now in very low numbers indeed. 

All for now,

Steve and Christine

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