Autumn exhibition of new works and Sheila Fell

13th October, 2022

An Autumn Exhibition

Not a week goes by it seems when we’re not galivanting (as my mother would say) around the UK in search of new works for Castlegate. We have much to see, including new pieces by David Storey, Carel Weight (RA)Winifred Nicholson, Cathy Lewis and Stefan Orlowski, as well as additional affordable 20th century works for our Mid Century Modern Alternatives collection. A selection of these now adorn the gallery walls and may be seen HERE.

Winifred Nicholson

One of the new works, as briefly mentioned, is a painting by the late Winifred Nicholson. This is a very rare and early painting, circa 1930, of Kate, Winifred and Ben Nicholson’s daughter, with Cissy Noble, one of their helpers. Cissy came to Paris in the spring of 1930 with the Nicholsons at the time of Ben Nicholson and Christopher Wood’s exhibition at the Bernheim Gallery and this is a painting produced during that trip.

Sheila Fell developments

Looking to the wider world away from Castlegate, the Sheila Fell market at auction would appear to be doing some interesting things of late. The last three medium sized paintings to sell, within the last two months and most recently this very week, have all fetched close to or over £40,000, some £10,000 or more than we’d have offered the same works for in-gallery. As the main dealer in the late artist’s works, we clearly watch developments very closely and will be interested to see whether this trend continues. Meanwhile, we have six works currently available by Sheila, ranging in date from 1955 to her final year in 1979, which may be seen HERE.

Driven by a collector's passion

Finally, the current hang will evolve weekly as additional works are acquired; already on their way to Castlegate are works by Hughie O’Donoghue (RA) and Percy Kelly which will soon grace the walls. Owning an art gallery is the ideal way to fuel a collector’s passion (ours), for much of that passion is directed to the finding and acquiring rather than necessarily the long-term owning, so acquiring works to bring to the gallery to help fuel other’s art-passions is a fabulous, albeit often somewhat challenging, life. If anyone’s ever watched Drew Pritchard in Salvage Hunters, you’ll see what I mean. Drew often says the very best part of his role is being out there finding pieces, in his case antiques, to bring back for his clients, and we would absolutely echo that sentiment.

All for now,

Steve and Christine 

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