Appleby Brothers installation, David Hockney and 1980s clubbing!

12th May, 2023

Appleby Brothers installation

Firstly, a reminder that the doors open to our latest exhibition, The Appleby Brothers, on Saturday morning; the show is now fully installed and some in-situ images maybe seen towards the bottom of the Exhibition Page HERE. We also have a walk-round video which maybe seen on Facebook or Instagram. This is a show for two young contemporary artists, ploughing a furrow for painting in the modern era; very contemporary yet obsessively and painstakingly produced.

David Hockney

Away from the new show, we’ve just acquired a wonderful drawing by David Hockney of Sir Roy Strong. Drawn over Whitsun weekend in 1969 when both were staying with Cecil Beaton at his home, it’s an instantly recognisable Hockney portrait and one that’s stayed with Sir Roy since 1969. For those that may not be aware, Sir Roy Strong is regarded as one of the most influential art historians of this century and last. Holding both posts as Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum and also the National Portrait Gallery, his importance and influence cannot be overstated. A drawing with quite impeccable provenance, for sure.

Calling all New Romantics!

Finally, calling all New Romantics out there. We’ve recently acquired a truly wonderful painting by the late Colin Frooms from 1981-2, titled The Mime Artist. The painting depicts the interior of a (then) contemporary night club with a mime artist performing, hence the title. Such displays were quite the thing at such New Romantic clubs in the very early 1980s, especially in London. However, we’ve not yet managed to identify the actual club; so, does anyone out there have any thoughts? We’ve trawled through myriad photos online of Blitz and the like, but to no avail.

All for now,

Steve and Christine

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