A plethora of new work

6th March, 2022

A busy few days

It’s been a busy few days at Castlegate, a raft of new work has made its way through the Georgian bright red door in anticipation of finding new custodians; all new works may be seen HERE.

Highlights include two Sheila Fell discoveries from the 1950s, including an oil painting, Woman feeding birds in the snow, which formed part of Sheila’s first solo exhibition at Beaux Arts, London in 1955. Both works were gifted to a friend of Sheila’s, introduced to her by Frank Auerbach, in the late 1950s, remaining with the same family ever since.

Martin Greenland

Away from Sheila, we have new to the gallery works by John Moores Painting Prize winner, Martin Greenland. Martin is an exceptional talent; if you were to just verbally describe his paintings to us we’d generally say it’s not our “thing”, but then when you see and are immersed in what he creates you change your mind completely, especially when viewing in the flesh which allows the viewer to understand the detail, skill and composition complexity far more than on-screen; there’s often something intentionally slightly visually disturbing within Martin’s compositions which only adds to the interest. As Martin says, he believes he won the John Moores prize because he was fashionably unfashionable. Quality always shines through.

Alice Campbell and Helen Tabor

Other new works include a small selection of paintings by Alice Campbell, her first since moving from Edinburgh to London. We’ve also taken delivery of four figurative paintings by long-term gallery regular Helen Tabor, who’s showing with Castlegate stretches well into the period before we acquire the gallery some ten years ago.

Mid Century Modern Alternatives

As mentioned in our last newsletter, we’re always on the hunt for art to show under our online Mid Century Modern Alternatives  selection, and this last couple of weeks have been no exception. We have a number away being framed, but those new works now in-gallery include a fascinating Post-Impressionist painting of Potato Pickers from the turn of the 20th Century and a beautiful portrait from 1950 by well known Cornish artists Malcolm Haylett.

As always, we continually seek out new works to bring to the gallery, so keep an eye on our Latest Work section and also social media (mainly Instagram and Facebook) for real-time updates.

All for now,

Steve and Christine


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