The Devil's box of tricks by Jason Wason

The Devil's box of tricks  by Jason Wason
The Devil's box of tricks by Jason Wason

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Media: Bronze

Size: 10 x 47 x 46 cm

Price: £12,000

The Devil\'s box of tricks  by Jason Wason

In 1650 James Ussher, the Archbishop of Armagh, announced that he had studied all the Patriach's lives in the Old Testament who had 'begat' who etc. and with that knowledge and from his studies of Hebrew texts, he concluded that the entire world was created by 'God'  on Sunday 23 October, 4004BC . As he was an eminent scholar this information was taken as valid by the church authorities and was duly printed in bibles of the day. In 1858 when Charles Darwin  announced his Theory of Evolution, it sent many of the church authorities into a spin. Many denounced his theory. There were major court cases at the time and debates raged throughout the clerical world and academia, It was even suggested by some that a 100 million year old ammonite had been put on earth by the Devil to trick us; the box you see here holds these "devil's tricks".

Included within the box are a 160-180 million year old ammonite from Madagascar together with a 5 million year old fossilised tooth from a Megalodon shark, ancestor to the great white.

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