The Pit Road by Norman Cornish

The Pit Road by Norman Cornish
The Pit Road by Norman Cornish

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Media: Flo-Master pen and chalk on paper

Size: 20 x 29 cm


The Pit Road by Norman Cornish

Norman Cornish – Behind the Scenes page 19

The Pit Road is perhaps Norman Cornish’s most iconic image, often repeated with numerous variations throughout his career. The journey began as he left the front door of his home at Bishops Close Street and continued immediately through the tunnel under the railway line and onward to ‘the pit’. It was a journey of three miles each way which he was to make every day for thirty years, in all weather conditions and at different times of the night and day.

The dip in the path which is depicted in the right of this drawing was caused by subsidence owing to underground (tunnel collapse)

The picture is graphically accurate although the colliery itself has been turned more to the right for reasons of pictorial composition.

This particular scene was possibly Cornish’s favourite Pit Road.  A larger version (charcoal/pastel) hung on one of the walls of the family home at 33 Bishops Close Street and has been replicated to be hung at the former family home under construction at Beamish Museum, as part of the re-making Beamish, 1950s town, to be completed towards the end of 2021

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