Winter Exhibition

17th November, 2014

Well, the Ian Norris exhibition is now behind us. It was a huge success, a virtual sell-out. Many many congratulations to Ian, well deserved indeed. We now follow with our Winter Exhibition  an ever-evolving mixed showing of a wide range of artists. Names include Helen Fryer, Michael Bennett, Barbara Rae, Chris Rigby, Percy Kelly, Jim Malone, Rebecca Payn, Theodore Major, Sheila Fell and Donald Wilkinson, amongst many others. This truly will be an ever-changing mixed show, with new works making an appearance on a weekly basis. Therefore, treat this as more of a taster!

Next, anyone following us will be aware of our Wimbledon College of Arts find, Jess Piggot. Well, her exhibition next Easter will be shared with another young find, Alex Hain, from Selkirk; a truly amazing and unique painter. We've put together a blog for Alex, as with Jess. Here's the first entry, click on the link to see our introduction to Alex, and the scroll down the page to click for his first entry 

Now, for anyone in or visiting London in the near term (until February), do seriously think about going along to the Ben Uri Gallery, off Abbey Road, near Swiss Cottage. They have a new, brilliant exhibition titled "Refiguring the 50s". Works are by LS Lowry, Sheila Fell, Josef Herman, Joan Eardley and Eva Frankfurther; some of the best names of the mid-twentieth century British art movement. We were kindly invited to contribute prose to the exhibition catalogue, and were proud to do so. A great preview evening and a great exhibition. Small, but highly recommended.

Finally, as many of you will know by now, Mary Burkett, OBE, sadly died last week, aged 90. Mary was a formidable figure in the northern art world, running the prestigious Abbot Hall Museum and Art Gallery for three decades; being instrumental in bringing some of the most influential international artists of the day to what was a provincial northern town. Mary recently celebrated her 90th birthday with no less than three birthday parties, and enjoyed each. We're glad she did.

All for now, Steve and Christine

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