Tree-mendous Exhibition

27th November, 2012

Well, the Winter Exhibition is hung and looking great (I may be slightly biased), with ceramics starting from under £50 and “wall art” from £250. Already we have extra new pots by Hannah McAndrew, new paintings by Michael and June Bennett (with a distinctive seasonal feel) and two wonderful new etchings from our resident print-maker Iain Hodgkinson.

Iain is a huge fan of Loweswater (in truth, what’s not to love, it’s one of the most wonderful of places) and the images are splendid. The larger one, Loweswater Boathouse in Snow, is, in truth, our favourite. The photos don’t do it justice; it should be seen.

Iain will be demonstrating the art of the print-maker in early February at the gallery (Saturday 2nd). Anyone with an interest in this art and his work should make an early note now.

Whilst mentioning dates for the diary, don’t forget that from 4-7 pm a week on Saturday (8th December) it’s Medieval Castlegate, with live medieval music. Please do join us. The gallery will, of course, be open as usual that day from 10am.

On another matter, we’re a step closer to the Own Art scheme being up and running. (the Arts Council of England “how to make buying art affordable/zero percent scheme”). I (Steve) go on my induction course next week so I’ll know what to do and when. It should (fingers crossed) be up and running by the end of the year. Outside of this, we’re always happy to put things aside for people, if paying over time works better. Just ask.

Also, we don’t have the background information as to what, historically, customers of the gallery have bought prior to our ownership. So, if there’s a particular artist you’re interested in acquiring and would like to be informed of when new works arrive (without obligation), please do let us know and we’ll endeavour to do so.

On the Percy Kelly front, we’ve acquired a number of smaller paintings in the last few days. Not yet on the web; if anyone has an interest for Christmas, let us know.

Finally, the Christmas tree in the Adams room will be going up within the next week. We’ve checked our Public Liability Insurance and we’re all covered for seasonal tree-derived mishaps. We just need some decorations to make it stand out now.

All for now
Steve and Christine

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