The Gallery Looks Splendid

22nd July, 2012

I know it's all very un-English to boast, but we really do think the gallery looks splendid. Many many thanks to the 150+ people who turned up on Friday evening for the opening of our first exhibition, your comments and encouragements were very much appreciated. It was a very long week to get the gallery refurbished, but it all seems worth it now.

The ceramics provided by Paul Young, Hannah McAndrew and Doug Fitch are truly wonderful, and marry with the art very well; both Christine and I are very pleased and immensely proud of the work they've provided for the exhibition.

If you've not called in yet, come along and take a look at the exhibition. We'll be open daily from 10am - 5pm for the next couple of weeks or so, until we figure out which is the best (quietist) day to close. Catalogue available on the website through the link

Steve and Christine Swallow

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