The Gallery Artists - 15th Sept

4th September, 2012

Our second exhibition, starting on Saturday 15th September at 10am, and one designed to introduce everyone to the Gallery Artists, those that will provide the gallery with work on an ongoing basis. The following link will take you to the exhibition on the web site Full biographical information is available under each artist on the drop down list at the top of any screen, or under the "Artists" tab.

From very early 2012, when plans were afoot for the taking over of the Castlegate helm, we’ve sought to find a small number of artists with whom we could develop an ongoing, enjoyable and fruitful relationship at Castlegate; showing their work alongside art acquired by us and offered at the gallery, as shown in our first and still current exhibition, A NEW ERA. The result; we’ve brought eight new artists to the gallery whilst retaining four who were with Castlegate already. Actually, we’ve retained five; very late in the day, in addition to Michael and June Bennett, Karen Wallbank and Helen Tabor, we’re also pleased to maintain a relationship with Alistair Tucker.

One thing we couldn’t have expected when out searching around the country, was the diverse range of styles and media that these artists would ultimately represent. With styles ranging from ethereal landscapes to figurative urban depictions, and media ranging from oils to printmaking and even the most amazing textile art we’ve ever seen, we believe you’ll truly find the exhibition very interesting indeed. And with prices starting at £250, we’ve aimed to provide great art to suit all pockets.

Finally, we’re lucky in that many of the artists have provided plenty of work. All is on the web site, but due to space, not all will be on the gallery walls at the same time. If there’s a painting you wish to see please just ask, IT WILL BE IN THE GALLERY, as will work from our existing exhibition/web site, just maybe not hung on that day. We’ll aim to rotate the art so there’s always something new to see.

One final point (honestly); all work is now available for sale, and can always be viewed prior to the commencement and hanging of the exhibition on the 15th, if required.

Steven & Christine

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