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Sheila Fell (RA) and Ewan McClure

29th May, 2018

Sheila Fell (RA) Landscape with man carrying corn Sheila Fell (RA) Landscape with man carrying corn

Some news on the late great Sheila Fell (RA) and the very talented Ewan McClure. 

Firstly, Sheila; after just acquiring two paintings never before available, we now have six paintings available by one of the foremost landscape artists of the last century; all may be viewed HERE 

Of the two just acquired, Harvest Cumberland is monumental in size and remained arguably unfinished in Sheila's London studio upon her death in 1979. What we love about this is the energy, the freedom and looseness that makes this effectively a huge oil sketch; just wonderfully powerful and full of drama. See it HERE

Landscape with man carrying corn is full of the impasto and the power of her mid-60s period. This painting was purchased from the Beaux Arts exhibition of 1964 and has never been seen or available since, having remained with the same owner since that time, it even comes with the original receipt and catalogue! Seen HERE

Interest in Sheila's work continues to grow amongst British twentieth century art collectors and we're thrilled to have six such works available. 

Next, our Ewan McClure exhibition will open its doors on Saturday 30th June. Ewan is one of the foremost portrait painters at work in the UK today, rising to prominence after his BP and Sky Portrait successes. His work will largely surround his muse, Vilja-Louise, a highly talented and successful Swedish singer with album imminent; it's planned that Vilja-Louise will be performing at some point during that day; tickets will be free but limited, more details on the exhibition and this event shortly. An example of one of the completed works may be seen HERE. Ewan is rather busy finshing the rest!!

Finally, don't forget our Michael Bennett exhibition continues until 9th June, with this and four of the aforementioned works by Sheila Fell currently on show in the gallery. 

Steve and Christine