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Richard, Grayson and Norman

27th February, 2016

Brown Room (Large) by Richard Fitton Brown Room (Large) by Richard Fitton
Earl of Essex, by Grayson Perry Earl of Essex, by Grayson Perry
Children Playing by Norman Cornish Children Playing by Norman Cornish

As we fast approach the launch of our solo Helen Fryer exhibition, more on that in the next couple of weeks, a quick message to tell you about other new work that has just made its way to the gallery.

Firstly we have a number of new works by the very talented Richard Fitton. Richard is a young artist with a very bright future. http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/paintings-for-sale/richard-fitton/  We introduced Richard to Castlegate towards the end of last year, accepted as a member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts whilst still an art student, he deserves all that will undoubtedly come his way. In fact, whilst writing this, we’ve already sold a number of his new works, as they were stacked in the gallery waiting to be photographed; be quick. 

Secondly, something a little different. For any of you who watched the Grayson Perry Channel 4 programme in 2014, “Who Are You?” produced in conjunction with the National Portrait Gallery, you may recall the miniature he produced of the reality TV personality, Rylan, titled The Earl of Essex. Well, here it is http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/pottery-for-sale/grayson-perry-ra/the-earl-of-essex/ Full details and background are shown on the web link.

Finally, we’ve collected eight new works for the gallery from the family of the late Norman Cornish http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/paintings-for-sale/norman-cornish/ Many have never previously been seen, and include some astonishing work. Just picking out two, Children Playing is a wonderful painting, it’s the composition, colour balance/tones, it just “works” so very well; we love it. The other is very different, almost “un-Cornish”. The Accordionist, is an almost “cut-off” composition, and just so very different from the usual work by Norman. It’s just very very powerful. As Anne (Norman’s daughter) said, “it’s like a journey in chalk”.

All for now, 
Steve and Christine