Richard Fitton - Relating to People

23rd March, 2017

Relating to People, an exhibition of thirty new works by Richard Fitton, is now live online HERE. A pdf listing of each work may also be seen HERE which may enable you to expand the images beyond that on the website. All works are available to purchase from now and may be aided with the use of the Arts Council Own Art scheme at zero interest. All works will however be required to hang during the physical exhibition which runs from Saturday 8th April until the 29th. As I type this, works are already selling, so be quick. 

The exhibition focuses on Richard’s response to his sitters in his Rochdale studio, and importantly how they respond to him, consequently causing a response back. Think of it as an emotional mirror facing mirror, captured in paint and charcoal.

Richard is one of the leading young lights of British contemporary painting. A past art school graduate and member of the Manchester Academy of Fine Arts, at just twenty six years old, Richard displays a skill and passion that’s wonderful to be part of. Often exhausting to be with, his drive and enthusiasm is contagious; we’ve tried to capture some of this in a video we produced of him, which may be viewed HERE Painting is everything to Richard, I don’t think I’ve come across anyone with as much passion and total dedication, not just in art, but in life.

The exhibition will open its doors on Saturday 8th at 10am. Between 12 and 2pm that day there will be a reception, with Richard in attendance. Drinks and nibbles will be served and Adam, the subject of several of Richard’s works and an accomplished musician, may well perform one or two numbers.

If planning on travelling from outside the county for the opening, it may be the ideal opportunity to spend the night away and relax for the weekend. Cockermouth is a gem of a Georgian town, with myriad of independent shops, restaurants and the like. There are plenty of places to stay, Six Castlegate is just seconds away from the gallery and almost directly opposite the Quince and Medlar, one of the finest restaurants you could hope to find. There are many other places to stay, including a just-opened Premier Inn on the edge of the town.

All for now, hope to see many of you on the 8th

Steve and Christine 

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