Paintings, Pots and Openings

8th August, 2012

Week three and new things are appearing. Our aim with the gallery is to always introduce new paintings and pottery on a regular basis, so that anyone calling in every two or three weeks will always have new and interesting works to see, in addition to the changing exhibitions etc. To this end, Doug Fitch, our resident potter from deepest Devon, arrived yesterday with six amazing new pots.

We hadn't mentioned to anyone, but the day before we opened, three pots arrived smashed to pieces courtesy of the carrier TNT. The additions from Doug yesterday more than make up for it. Take a look at the web link, especially the two new large harvest jugs.

On the painting front, we've added to the gallery three paintings by Russell Howarth a true northern painter. Also now hung are two rare early works by June Bennett and Karen Wallbank. Added to that are new pots by Hannah McAndrew and it's really worth coming along to take a look.

The one thing we've already realised is that gallery ownership is a sure fire way of watching your life go past very quickly. You're always working on or thinking about two exhibitions ahead at the least! We're well on the way with planning our Gallery Artists exhibition which will start on Saturday 15th September; details to follow.

One thing has become clear. Tuesday is the quiet day and Sunday is rather concentrated in a few hours. So, from now-on, the gallery opening hours will be daily 10-5, Sunday 11-4, and closed on Tuesday. Hopefully six days a week will work for most people, but we will always see people outside of these times, just let us know in advance.

One final note, several people have enquired about Christmas cards (yes, yes, we know, it's only August!). For those interested, we've selected an appropriate Percy Kelly small Winter scene to use and we'll be pursuing this in the next few weeks. Details to follow.That's it for now.

Steve & Christine

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