Norman Cornish - Exhibition now live online

7th September, 2021

Norman Cornish, Behind the Scenes, Revealed

Norman Cornish, Behind the Scenes, Revealed, is now live online. The exhibition comprises thirty-two works on paper, all illustrated within the 2017 book, Behind the Scenes, with all works coming directly from the Cornish family. The listing online may be seen HERE with a page-turning digital catalogue viewable HERE (which can be expanded to full screen). 

Doors will open to the physical in-gallery exhibition on Saturday the 18th September at 10am, with all works on show until Friday 8th October. Members of Norman’s family will be in attendance for the opening, although given the world in which we now reside, no usual two-hour focused reception will be in play, but all are welcome throughout the full day (until 5pm) and to enjoy a glass or two of wine, should the urge take you.

A click and walk video of the exhibition will also be available from the morning of the 18th, a link will be emailed on that morning, for all those not able to visit. Whilst not a replacement for walking around the gallery itself, it is a useful tool for bringing the gallery onto your technology of choice.


The works on show within the exhibition explore Norman’s art-process, from idea-capture whilst at work and leisure, through to fully-formed works as an end in themselves rather than as sketches to inform later works in oil and pastel, etc.

There’s a real authenticity about Norman’s works from the 60s and 70s, a feeling of a man, an artist, there in the bar or on the street corner, with sketchbook in one hand, pen in the other, capturing the world around him. This was no artist harking back to a world he was never part of, never knowing the feeling of feet sticking to pub carpet or almost cutting through the smoke with a knife; that’s what we mean about authenticity.

A limited-print catalogue

Finally, we’ve had a limited number of two hundred copies of the catalogue produced in physical form which will be available from the gallery. Priced at £15 (or £18 if posted out in the UK), it’s an A4 sized spine-bound affair stretching to almost seventy pages, so one for the art enthusiast.

All for now, we hope to see many of you at Castlegate over the course of the exhibition.

Steve and Christine

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