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Nichola Theakston and Summer Work

3rd August, 2016

Beyond Him No. 6 Beyond Him No. 6

A few things to cover before we disappear on a family holiday that we all seem to be getting rather excited about!

Firstly, don’t forget, our exhibition of new work for Summer continues and may be seen online HERE with a myriad of new work to the gallery from both up and coming names to those of national and international repute.

Secondly, as an early sneak view, we’ve listed four works onto the website by what we believe is the most talented ceramic sculptor of animal form at work in the art world today, Nichola Theakston. Her exhibition will run from 10th September to 1st October, and examples of her work, as a taster, may be seen HERE. We’ve personally been collectors of Nichola’s work for many years, and I can honestly say that we’ve never grown tired of living with her work, nor stopped noticing it every day; we get more and more from each piece as the years pass; hence this exhibition.

During Nichola’s exhibition, we’ll have a full gallery hanging of paintings also, from work by Grayson Perry (RA) to that of new-to-the-gallery artist Rebecca Swainston, amongst many others. Make a note to come along, it’s not everywhere and every day that you can see some of the best sculpture on show alongside work by the likes of Grayson Perry.

Don’t forget, the Arts Council Own Art scheme can be used up to £2,500 to spread the cost of most works at zero interest cost over ten months, and the Own Art Plus scheme can kick in for anything over £2,500 up to £25,000! I’ve always considered the scheme a bit of a “no brainer”, as they say; it makes buying art economically and psychologically much more palatable!

Re our August break, rest assured, as many people will testify, we are ALWAYS open via email contact. The gallery will be open as normal w/c 8th August, but the physical gallery will be closed from Monday 15th to Friday 19th August, inclusive, reopening on Saturday 20th.  Our standard opening hours may be seen HERE.

Finally, for all those who are fans of social media, not only do we regularly post on Facebook and Twitter, we’ve also started to post via Instagram. You can find us under castlegatehousegallery

All for now,

Steve and Christine