New works into the gallery and Norman Cornish exhibition announcement

9th July, 2021

Not only do we have our existing exhibition on show, Four Artists Three Dimensions, together with a full mixed gallery hang, we’ve also just taken in a plethora of new works from Helen Fryer, William Reinsch and Sarah Carrington, together with a skillfull, intriguing and unique body of work by recent art school graduate, Alex Appleby. 

Helen Fryer

Firstly, Helen Fryer and Sarah Carrington. We’ve worked with Helen now for over seven years, through her times living in Edinburgh and her return to her native West Cumbria. Helen has produced ten new works following her walks around West Cumbria over several seasons, all may be seen HERE

Sarah Carrington continues her exploration and fascination with the coasts of Mull and Iona and is an artist we’ve worked with since we first took on the delights and challenges of Castlegate some nine years ago. Always passionate about her art and consistent in the quality of what she creates, all of which may be seen HERE.

William Reinsch

William Reinsch continues to plough very much his own furrow, with new works from both his Naked Island and Dream Study series arriving in-gallery. Looking back on the works produced by Will when we first met him just over two years ago, it’s been quite a progression and one can only imagine what works we’ll be welcoming in two years time. Will’s works may be seen HERE

Alexander Appleby

Another young artist at the very forefront of the resurgence of painting in British art is Alex Appleby. A couple of weeks ago we visited Wimbledon College of Arts to see the final BA graduation show. There were several very talented artists on show including Alex. His series of seven paintings were wonderful; photos are ok to an extent but what they can’t convey is the single body of work impact the paintings have. We mentioned (several times) to Alex that these seven works absolutely should stay together; they are of course great individually, but honestly, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. So, fast forward two weeks and we have them with us now.

Each work has meaning to Alex, several contain grid references to places of import, items of memory, things done and said and places visited. A truly wonderful body of work and available, you just need a wall or a hallway or whatever you like, just apply vision. The works in question may be seen HERE.

Norman Cornish

Finally, on September 18th we’ll open the doors to Norman Cornish – Behind the Scenes Revealed, an exhibition of thirty two works, all depicted in the 2017 book, Behind the Scenes. Works will span preparatory sketches to fully formed depictions of the world around Norman from the 1950s to 1980s. More details to follow as we head into August.

All for now,

Steve and Christine

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