New Website and New Work!

7th May, 2015

Yes, we have a new-look website!!! The functionality of the old was, we think, good, so that remains effectively as before, no need to learn where things are etc. all over again, but we’ve freshened up the look, made it more interesting and contemporary, now mobile and tablet friendly also. Perhaps more of a makeover than reinvention, but we’re happy with the results. Take a look, home page here  navigate about as you will. And please, if anything appears not to be working in the way it should, let us know. 

Also, we’ve been busy acquiring more works. Firstly, we’ve acquired one of only three known screenprints by Sheila Fell (RA). This is monumental, at 42 x 71.5 inches, circa 1959 and incredibly rare. Contact the gallery for further details 

Next, we have three new-to-the-gallery works by Mary Fedden (RA). Two smaller works from 2008, purchased directly from the artist by the couple we acquired them from. You can see the similarity in colour palette; painted at the same time. Also, a real collector’s item, Masque at Strawberry Hill, details of all, and the story re the Strawberry Hill painting, can be found by clicking on the images on this link 

Also acquired are two still life paintings by the late June Bennett, from 1989/1990. Purchased by us from their only owner, who bought them when new.

Andrea Hunter has this last week dropped off a series of six small works also; our first from Andrea in over a year; we seem to sell everything we receive of hers; maybe all six on a wall as a set?? 

Additionally, an incredible painting by the late Carel Weight (RA, CBE). Thoughts of the Girls, from 1967, is a famous painting by Carel, appearing in two of the books covering his work, including the Royal Academy publication from 1982. As with the Fell, it’s big, at 65 x 53 inches, but just take a look. So very 1960s and when displayed is incredible; it feels like you’re part of the room. Contact the gallery for more information

A quick mention, to all interested in Alex Hain and Jess Pigott, both have new post-exhibition blog entries available to read, click the link here to see both and click through to see the updates 

Finally, our next catalogues exhibition is taking shape, with the catalogue being worked on as I type (I’m multi-tasking!). A Day in the Life will feature fifteen artists, from Sheila Fell, Norman Cornish and Bill Bell, to Ian Norris, Helen Fryer and Helen Tabor, amongst others. Launching in the flesh on Saturday 13th June, we’re also having a summer celebration, with live music from the hugely talented modern folk duo, The Left Outsides, all the way from London. Make an early note to come and join is, from 12-2pm. It should be great fun!
All for now, 

Steve and Christine 

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