New Talent Exhibition goes live!

18th March, 2015

The New Talent exhibition is now live An amazing show of 33 paintings by Jess Pigott and Alex Hain. The exhibition can be seen on the above link, with a copy of the physical catalogue available to see here Just ask if you want a physical copy; 1,200 will be arriving in people's hallways from today.

Many of you will be aware of Jess and Alex by now, we've been speaking about them for many a month now; Jess as a graduate of Wimbledon College of Arts, discovered at her graduation show last year, and Alex discovered in his shared studio in Selkirk. For more info, have a read of their respective blogs on our website, Jess here and Alex here

You may also like to see an interview we had with Living North regarding the exhibition (in print, not video, phew!), here 

All works are available now, so shout if interested in anything. Don't forget, the Arts Council Own Art scheme is available, up to £2,500, to make art ownership easier (0% over ten months).

The gallery will be closed on Friday 27th March to allow us to hang the exhibition. Doors will open at 10am on Saturday 28th, with a wine and canapes reception from 12-2pm, with both Jess and Alex in attendance. Jess and Alex are extremely talented young artists, towards the start of what could be an incredibly exciting, successful and yet rollercoaster of a journey that could last the rest of their lives. They'll also be, no doubt, extremely nervous, so your support on the Saturday I'm sure would be greatly appreciated by them both. We're so looking forward to hanging all the works, it genuinely will look like nothing you've likely seen before.

Hope to see you then,

Steve and Christine

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