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12th December, 2016

And 2016 has gone where, exactly?… Time seems to run away with you when you run a gallery, you’re always planning two years in advance; you never quite manage to live in the present. Maybe I feel a new years resolution coming on.

Anyway, time to update you on some additions to our Winter exhibition. Helen Tabor has just delivered five new paintings, which may be seen HERE. They have been added to our exhibition listing, as too have many other works over the past two weeks, and the up to date showing may be seen HERE in full. We're down in London w/c 19th, so if anything needs bringing down, just shout and the gallery can come to you (ish). 

Many works have found new homes, numerous paintings and ceramics, but many remain and more have been added, including paintings by Sheila Fell, Helen Fryer, Ceri Allen, Michael Bennett and Richard Fitton. Our first batch of pots from the late Edward Hughes have been immensely popular, and in truth, after a major auction sale this last week including some of Edward’s work, they look somewhat under-priced!

Our final physical-gallery open day over the Christmas break will be Friday 23rd December, reopening on Thursday 5th January. For much of that time we will be around, so if anyone wishes to see something in particular, just let us know.

Unless something astonishing occurs over the next three weeks, this will be our last message out until 2017. We’d like to wish all of you the very best for Christmas and thank you all for making 2016 hugely successful and enjoyable. We’ll let you all know about plans for 2017 in our next newsletter, including the London Art Fair in January 18th – 22nd (anyone wishing to receive complimentary tickets need only to let us know)

Steve and Christine

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