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Lots to say, much to do

6th April, 2018

Hughie O'Donoghe (RA) - Animal Farm Hughie O'Donoghe (RA) - Animal Farm

Much to announce, we’ll try and be brief(ish).

In addition to the John Bellany exhibition currently on show, we have lots of new work arriving in the gallery; names including Percy Kelly, Bill Peascod and new to the gallery Hughie O’Donoghue (RA) have just been sourced and may be seen HERE. We’re thrilled to have brought some of Hughie’s work to Castlegate, he is, in our opinion, one of the most talented of the current RA contingent. We also have some wonderful new ceramics by Doug Fitch and Hannah (Fitch) McAndrew. (click the names to view).

Moving on to exhibition plans, firstly, our next solo exhibition will begin on the 19th May and will be a collection of works by the late Michael Bennett, all from his studio and personal collection. Working with his sons, Giles and Justin, we’ll be exhibiting over thirty paintings, many of which have never been seen before. Mike was an important part of Castlegate for over two decades and one of the most important artists to come out of Cumbria for many years. Watch this space.

Following on from that, in June, we’re hugely proud to be holding a focused exhibition of around fifteen portraits by critically acclaimed Ewan McClure. Many of you will know Ewan from his successes in the BP and Sky portrait awards and this exhibition will concentrate on his muse, Vilja-Louise. He’s busy working on the exhibition now, but one of the completed works, to give you a flavour, may be seen HERE.  We love this, it' a true "moment in time" painting. Also, an astonishing time-lapse very short video of Ewan painting a self-portrait in an incredible manner may be seen HERE. It’s absolutely astounding, take a look.

Finally, for now, many of you may have seen our “pre-announcement announcement” via social media recently of the Castlegate Prize. From 2019 we’ll be conducting a national open painting competition, with a first prize award of £10,000. This will be held every two years with a different one-word brief each time. Each word/theme will link to a national UK charity with all entry fees going to that charity. More details as we go through the year, but this is a major initiative that we’re only just realising how consuming this is likely to be! (the things you think of on a Friday evening).

All for now,

Steve and Christine