June, Jess, Norman, Helen and Malcolm

30th July, 2014

Lots of things to talk about right now, in addition to the fly-away June Bennett exhibition. The current tally for June is 36 sold out of 38. We've managed to obtain two additional works, shown listed first here, so be quick, with just over a week left to go http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/exhibition-details.php?EID=45 

Next, something we mentioned briefly a few weeks ago. We have a discovery to share. Jessica Pigott is a truly wonderful artist, whom we discovered at the Wimbledon College of Arts graduation show. She genuinely is one to watch, her work has an energy and depth and with a use of colour and light/dark that we seldom see. In the near-term (a few weeks) we'll have work by Jess in the gallery (if you want an amazing, large statement piece, keep an eye out!), but for the meantime we have a new area of the web site just for Jess; it's her blog, and will be a great introduction over the coming weeks to her and her work, updated regularly http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/blogs/jess-blog/ 

Thirdly, another new work has arrived. A stunning pastel by the venerable Norman Cornish, bearing it's original Stone Gallery label. A fabulous thing http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/paintings-for-sale/norman-cornish/man-with-a-greyhound/

Next, we're well on the way to finalising preparations for the Helen Tabor / Malcolm Croft exhibition, "Of Land and Sea". Brochures will be emailed and posted towards the end of August, and we've also had a video produced of them and their respective studios. More on that to follow, but the work we've received from both is stunning !!!

Continuing on, just a reminder of two ways of making art purchases easier. The first is the splendid Arts Council Own Art scheme, where you can buy a work of art, take it away there and then and borrow up to £2,500 interest free over ten months. Art buying supported by the tax-payer, how has that escaped the cuts !!?? Secondly, as mentioned before, for any London-based clients, we're happy, with a little notice, to be able to allow you to view a work you're interested in, within Central London, or your own home, just speak to us and we can make no-obligation arrangements.

Finally (hurrah!), just to let everyone know that this year we're having a break away as a family, rather than "tag-teaming" parental duties over two weeks. So, from Monday 18th August until Friday 22nd August, inclusive, the gallery will be closed. You have been warned.

All for now
Steve and Christine

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