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June and Donald

17th October, 2015

Whitriggs Whitriggs
From Honister towards Helvellyn From Honister towards Helvellyn

Two things to mention.

Firstly, we have received, from a collector, eight paintings by the late June Bennett. Due to a change in circumstances, we’ve been asked to find new homes for them. All date from the late 1980s, early in June’s involvement with Castlegate, where all were originally purchased. For all fans and collectors of June’s work, take a look here http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/paintings-for-sale/june-bennett/ It’s all personal, and all are great, but I think Whitriggs really has something of the mid-west US art from the mid 20th Century; a cracker of a painting.

Secondly, we’ve just signed off the catalogue for our forthcoming solo exhibition for Donald Wilkinson, one of the bedrocks of contemporary Cumbrian art, for many many years. Thirty-two works will be available in the exhibition, none of which have ever been seen before. The exhibition will cover works of the Solway, works of the Fells and Lakes and those of the Scottish West Coast and Isles. We’ve selected eight here, as a representative taster http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/paintings-for-sale/donald-wilkinson/  The exhibition will be open for viewing from 14th November, but all catalogues (physical and electronic) should be available a week to ten days prior to this. Don’t forget, the Arts Council OwnArt scheme can be used to help any art buyers out there.

All for now,

Steve and Christine