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Castlegate House Gallery

Ian Norris and New Works

27th May, 2013

Ian Norris, Maryport II Ian Norris, Maryport II
Bill Peascod, Night Sky Bill Peascod, Night Sky
Geoffrey Key, The Fight Geoffrey Key, The Fight

It's been great to see the wonderful reception Ian Norris' work has had in the gallery. We had a great turn out for the Thursday preview, with Ian in attendance, and current sales stand at twenty three. Ian has kindly provided us with three more works (his last three!), so we have twelve works left to tempt, starting at £590  http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/exhibition-details.php?EID=29  If you haven't already, take a look at Ian at work in our latest video  http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/videos/castlegate-house-presents-painter-ian-norris/  I have to be honest though, we have it playing on a loop in the gallery alongside his work, and after just over a week, I know every single syllable !

Away from Ian, we've continued our search for new works to bring to the gallery http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/new-work/ These include the most amazing large work by Bill Peascod, painted in 1969. I would encourage anyone to see this in the flesh, the texture and tone are astounding. Bill was as good an artist as he was a nationally recognised climber. Also in is another wonderful large work by Geoffrey Key, from 1986. I was at his Messums exhibition launch last week and it's great to see Geoff such a success in London as well as the north of the UK. Other works added include examples from Alistair Tucker, Mary Fedden and hot on the heels of her prize winning success at the Royal Scottish Academy, Helen Tabor.

On their way to the gallery are a number of great new works by Paul Robinson and the best work by Mary Fedden we've ever seen. From 1969, it has everything. Can't wait to get it photographed.

Finally, anyone who has engaged me (Steve) in conversation (always a tricky one if you're on a limited time parking ticket) will know of my passion/obsession for the works of Sheila Fell. Well, to go with that passion, we're planning on holding the first major selling exhibition for almost a decade. We've acquired a meaningful number of works by Sheila over the past year and are genuinely starting to get excited about what we believe will be a wonderful exhibition. Probably occurring early in 2014, we'll keep everyone posted.

All for now,
Steve and Christine