Helen Tabor and Malcolm Croft Exhibition

27th August, 2014

Our latest major exhibition is now live! New works by Helen Tabor and Malcolm Croft. Two very different artists tasked with responding to the same phrase "Of Land and Sea" As you will see, some amazing responses. The full exhibition listing is here http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/exhibition-details.php?EID=42  and we have produced a video of both artists at work and speaking about "what makes them tick", which can be viewed here http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/video-detail.php?VEID=42  It's a wonderful insight into how they both work and their respective thought process, and well worth a ten minute break in the day to watch.

Helen will be familiar to many; represented by Castlegate for many years, she is a major award-winning contemporary artist, collected internationally and living in the Scottish Boarders. Malcolm is new to Castlegate, and a highly successful contemporary artist, based in Cheshire (although with routes back to Cumbria, and being born in the North East). We're proud to be showing them both; the gallery will look amazing!

The exhibition is live now, with emails and postal brochures and DVDs timed to arrive at the same time. ALL WORKS ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE NOW, with the exhibition hung from Saturday 6th September until Saturday 27th September, inclusive. A reception, with both Helen and Malcolm in attendance, will be held on Saturday 6th from 12-2pm (gallery open 10-5). Please do come along and meet the artists. Anyone wishing to view a painting prior to the "hang", please do let us know as it is certainly possible.

Two final points; don't forget that all works within the exhibition may be purchased via the Arts Council sponsored "OwnArt" scheme, at zero percent interest over ten months. Finally, the gallery will be closed on Friday 5th September to allow us to hang the exhibition.

All for now, hope to see you during September, and hopefully on the 6th.

Steve and Christine

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