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Grayson Perry and much more

12th July, 2015

Grayson Perry Grayson Perry

We’ve lots to talk about, so I’ll try and be brief!

We’re hugely proud to have brought to the gallery what we believe to be the only pottery work by Grayson Perry (RA) publicly available for sale at this time, anywhere. http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/pottery-for-sale/grayson-perry-ra/  Potted in 1993, under one collector-ownership since its purchase directly from Grayson, it’s titled “Another motion in the craft versus art debate”. A wonderful piece from a hugely talented, colourful and at times controversial British artist of international repute. 

Next we have new work just arrived in the gallery by a number of potters and artists. Firstly, some splendid paintings by Peter Quinn, especially for the horticulturists out there http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/paintings-for-sale/peter-quinn/ Next, some fabulous pottery from William Plumptre http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/pottery-for-sale/william-plumptre/ and Time Lake http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/pottery-for-sale/tim-lake/ 

Back on the wall-art from, we have five rare watercolours from arguably one of the leading names of the English 20th Century naïve school, namely Fred Yates. A series, depicting Lytham St Annes, the location only recently identified, and coming with cast iron provenance http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/paintings-for-sale/fred-yates/   All of these and more can we seen in our Summer Selection exhibition, revolving and evolving over the next two months http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/exhibitions/summer-selection/ 

On the Percy Kelly front, we have two new works, previously bought from the gallery and now bought back after many years. We had three, but Newlands sold almost before it came through the door. http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/paintings-for-sale/percy-kelly/ 
We’ve also started a new blog page for Ian Norris. Here he talks about an exhibition almost a year away, but a really fascinating idea and what that will be interesting to follow over the months to come http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/blogs/ian-norris/to-begin/  Also we have a blog-update for Jess Pigott, she’s on studio number two! http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/blogs/jess-pigott/moving-out-of-the-city/ 

Finally, it’s three years to the day since we acquired Castlegate. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all who have supported us on this journey, and all the support in what we’re looking to do with the gallery, and the direction in which we’re taking it. For those who may not have been to the gallery, or have not spoken (at length, sorry!) with me, we have a new short video about what we look to do and our approach to art and the gallery. It can be viewed directly off the gallery Home Page or via this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xps_zpVSuqA 

All for now,
Steve and Christine