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Exhibition: Helen Fryer - Returning Home

27th October, 2018

Helen Fryer - Returning Home

We're proud to announce the second solo exhibition for the very talented Helen Fryer. 

"Helen Fryer - Returning Home" charts the artist's year back in her West Cumbria following several decades away. The full exhibition may be seen HERE.

Originally from Fletchertown in West Cumbria, 2018 marked Helen's return. For Helen, the year has been dominated at times with the grief of losing her father; this exhibition is an amalgam of sights, thoughts, memories and reactions to a Cumbria and family home and roots more than just revisited.

In additon to the website details, we've also produced a page-turning e-catalogue of the twenty nine works in the show which may be viewed HERE 

Doors open at 10am on Saturday 10th November, with a meet the artist reception from noon to 2pm. The exhibition will run until 1st December. All works may be acquired with the aid of the Arts Council Own Art scheme, at zero interest cost, you only need ask. 

New team member and opening hours

Additional news, we have a new member of the Castlegate team; we'd like to introduce Kay Teasdale to you all. Kay has joined Angie to further assist us in making Castlegate all that we want it to be. Kay will be helping us with all elements of the gallery including the big event for 2019, The Castlegate Prize. Her joining has enabled us to open the doors every day apart from Sundays; now there's very little excuse for not coming to visit us.  

All for now, Steve and Christine