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Exciting Arrivals

12th June, 2013

Alan and Recbecca, a small sample Alan and Recbecca, a small sample
Rebecca Payn Rebecca Payn
Rebecca Payn Rebecca Payn

One of the things that we love and is most exciting about running a gallery is when an artist delivers a body of work for an exhibition. It's that not-knowing feeling as gradually, their secretive efforts are laid bare in front of you. We've just gone through that process with the new works by Alan Stones and Rebecca Payn, whom we'll be exhibiting from the evening of the 4th July for three weeks. Whilst both live and work together in Cumbria, close to Penrith, both are very different in what is produced. But they have one common denominator, they're both flipping great painters. More details in the coming couple of weeks or so, but we're very much looking forward to hanging their works.

Back to the here and now, this is your last chance to see the exhibited work of Ian Norris, which ends this Saturday. We have eleven left, occupying one of our three rooms http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/exhibition-details.php?EID=29  The rest is filled with a mixture of artists we love, from new works by Paul Robinson and Helen Tabor, to pieces from Bill Peascod, Andrea Hunter, John Thompson and Mary Fedden, amongst many others. All new work can be seen via the link http://www.castlegatehouse.co.uk/new-work/  and included is the most wonderful 1964 painting by Mary Fedden, along side one of the earliest group works by John Thompson and new work from Paul Robinson, to name but three.

All for now,

Steve and Christine