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Ewan McClure goes live!

18th June, 2018

Vilja-Louise Vilja-Louise

Our much-awaited Ewan McClure exhibition is now live and may be viewed HERE. 

Ewan is one of the foremost portrait painters of the age, with his successes in both BP and Sky Portrait awards leading to critical acclaim. 
This small and focused exhibition concentrates upon Ewan's muse, Vilja-Louise, and Ewan has produced a series of works of absolute beauty; think Rossetti and Elizabeth Siddal. 

Vilja-Louise is an acclaimed Swedish folk singer and a short video may be viewed HERE. PLEASE do watch this, I really found it incredibly moving and it gives a glimpse of the singer, the muse, the artist and the tenderness between the two. Just beautiful. Vilja-Louise will be with Ewan at the reception on the 30th and will provide an informal performance at some appropriate point; not one to miss. 

As mentioned, Ewan is a tremendous talent, but what many won't know is that his talent extends to a level I can't even comprehend. If you think patting your head whilst rubbing your midriff is tricky, take a look at this VIDEO to see how Ewan can produce work. It showcases his self-portrait technique, an example of which may be found within this exhibition. 

All works are available to red-dot from now, but doors open to the full on-wall exhibition on Saturday 30th June, until 19th July. A reception will be held from 12-noon until 2pm. Beautiful art and beautiful music, plus wine and nibbles; not a bad place to be. 

Steve and Christine