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Ewan McClure, Art, Music and Sunshine!

27th June, 2018

Rowans by Ewan McClure Rowans by Ewan McClure

Saturday (30th June) looks like being a great day both weather and art wise. At 10am we open the doors to our Ewan McClure exhibition, Ewan being one of the most respected portrait artists at work in the UK today, having achieved critical and commercial acclaim upon and following his successes in both BP and Sky Portrait awards. His exploration of Vilja-Louise as muse really is wonderful to see.  All works within the show may be seen HERE.

Between noon and 2pm on the Saturday we’ll be holding a reception for Ewan; not only will he be attending but so too will Vilja-Louise who will, when the moment is right, provide the gallery with what I’m sure will be a stunning performance. An example of Vilja-Louise’s vocal talents may be seen in this short VIDEO which not only highlights her talent but also provides a glimpse into the creation of the work for this exhibition.

Also on show will be new works by Helen Tabor and a new-to-the-gallery Sheila Fell charcoal, amongst many others. 

We look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday,

Steve and Christine