Editions - Best of British

18th May, 2017

Our next major exhibition is now online and will open its doors on Saturday 3rd June. You may see all the work HERE.

“Editions – Best of British” showcases work by six of the leading contemporary British artists of the last few decades. The six artists are Grayson Perry (RA), Frank Auerbach, Eileen Cooper (RA), Stephen Chambers (RA), John Hoyland (RA) and Barbara Rae (RA).

All works are editions by the artists; editions being individually produced etchings, screenprints and in the case of Grayson, embroidery! This is a great way to own an individually produced work by a major name within British art without having to remortgage your house or sell a minor internal organ. That said, the Grayson Perry embroidery, Britain is Best (his take on the Unionist Banners of Northern Ireland) would require some level of anatomical removal, but what a thing to have!

Many of the works shown are illustrated in publications of the artists' work, including those by Barbara Rae which appear in her Print publication. There's also an interesting film HERE of Stephen Chambers talking about the process of creating a huge screenprint at his Hackney studio.  

Personally, we feel that Frank Auerbach is the greatest living British artist (we'll countenance no disent) and to have directly obtained a number of his etchings (plus a very rare screenprint from 1966) is a huge thrill. A great very rare recent TV interview, Newsnight from 2015 at the start of his major Tate London exhibitoion, may be seen HERE. We're also thrilled to have visited Stephen Chambers (RA), spending several hours with him at his Hackney studio, choosing works to bring into the exhibition; that was a joy, as too was the case with Eileen Cooper (RA, Keeper of the Royal Academy). Sometimes being a “gallerist” is a complete thrill. 

All works are available from now and may be purchased with the aid of the Arts Council OwnArt scheme, making owning one of the top names even more painless.

As said, all works will be on show in exhibition context from Saturday 3rd June from 10am, but most are available to see now, you only need ask, the only exception being a small number away being framed. The exhibition will run until 8th July. 

All for now,

Steve and Christine 

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