Covid Contemporary is now live

28th October, 2020

Live online, doors open on the 7th

We're very pleased to announce that our latest exhibition, Covid Contemporary, is now live online in readiness for doors open on the 7th November. The full exhibition listing may be seen HERE with a 360-degree click and walk facility available in the coming days for those who may be unable to visit the gallery itself.  

With an initial working title of Four go to London, this exhibition has been eighteen months in the making; an exhibition of four young emerging talents planned for July in St James, London; an opportunity to showcase the works of William Reinsch, Alice Campbell, Louis Appleby and Alex Hain. That was not to be, Covid dictated that, but Covid also somewhat changed the nature of the work produced, it couldn't really do otherwise. All four artists are in the early stages of their art careers, all four are firmly part of a renaissance in British contemporary painting and all four clearly see a more uncertain world now than was the case just twelve months before. Yet all continue to have a wonderful belief in the "rightness" of what they're doing and so do we. We're proud to be staging the exhibition on home turf at Castlegate House and we're proud to be working with each of them and to continue to be part of their journeys. 

Louis Appleby

Louis Appleby graduated in 2014 from Wimbledon College of Art, indeed it was at that degree show where we first came across his work. Unique in subject and composition and utterly obsessive in execution and attention to detail, Louis subsequently in 2019 graduated with an MA from the Royal College of Art, London. A finalist in the Contemporary British Painting Prize and a winner of the Young Artist of the Year at the Lynn Painter Stainers Award, Louis works from his studio in Lancaster and focuses on the nature of modern society and the way in which it absorbs and is fed information through different forms of media. A video of Louis' talking about his painting may be seen HERE 

Alice Campbell

Alice Campbell graduated from the prestigious Duncan of Jordonstone art school in Dundee in 2017, winning two travelling scholarships soon after, one to Florence from the Royal Scottish Academy. Based now in Glasgow, Alice continues to be intrigued by mythology within society and culture; Alice's work is however as much about the use of colour as subject, she's a latter-day colourist, using a boldness of colour and shape to convey a strength but without it ever becoming brash and overwhelming. As with Louis, we've had a film made of Alice talking about her work and this may be seen HERE

William Reinsch and Alex Hain

We first came across William Reinsch (Will) late in 2018. Will is an artistic force of nature, self-taught and one of the most naturally gifted painters we've ever come across. Obsessive and absolutely following his own path, he uses imagery from books and the internet wedded to his own imagination to produce series of works which it's fair to say are utterly unique. Working when we first met him on his Naked Island series, now focused on his Dream Study body of work, his pieces are utterly contemporary, edgy, at times disturbing (as was the case with his small Death Study paintings). In Will's case I'm not sure what an art school environment would have done for him; he's on his own journey and we're proud to be a supporter of that. 

Alex Hain we've worked with since early in 2015 and we can't quite believe it's been so long. Then in his early 20s, Alex grew up in a household where every member was an artist in one form or another, but it wasn't until badly injured and hospitalised following a car accident when at college did Alex turn to art; in his own words, he started to self-medicate with paint. After the five years and two exhibitions with us, Alex's work continues to develop and focus upon the world around him and his studio in Selkirk. A finalist in the last John Moores Painting Prize, we continue to be proud to work with and support Alex. A film, of Alex talking about his work and inspirations may be seen HERE.

The exhibition will run for three weeks until 28th November, we hope many of you will be able to see it and if not, enjoy it electronically. 

Steve and Christine 

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