Cornish at Castlegate - Live

1st September, 2017

Cornish at Castlegate, a curated exhibition of works by the late Norman Cornish (MBE), most never before having been seen, is now live and may be viewed online HERE. An electronic page turning version of the catalogue may also be viewed HERE, physical copies of which are available upon request.

This is a curated exhibition, chosen from Norman’s estate and in conjunction with his immediate family. We’ve had a film produced about Norman and his art, with a huge contribution from John Cornish, Norman’s son, who offers some very sensitive insights into his father. The film may be seen HERE.

This is a major exhibition for what is arguably the most important artist of the last century concerned with portraying a world that is all but now gone. Effectively a snapshot in time during the mid-part of the twentieth century.

Doors will open on Saturday 16th September at 10am. A reception will be held from 12 to 2pm with Norman’s immediate family there to talk over Norman’s work and life.

All works are available to reserve now and within reason may be seen in-gallery by appointment, although clearly the exhibition entire won’t be available to see until the 16th.

We’re hugely proud to be the gallery working with the estate to put on this exhibition; it is work that can touch all, we believe, especially those, like us, who grew up during the mid to latter part of the twentieth century. It truly shouldn’t be seen as North East or Northern art, this is work that acts as a social record, an eye into the world, at work and leisure, of the post-war working class, wherever they may have been.

Please do contact us with any questions.

Steve and Christine 

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