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Continuance - Alex Hain and Jess Pigott

20th October, 2016

Reflection 16 by Jess Pigott Reflection 16 by Jess Pigott

Continuance, an exhibition of new works from Alex Hain and Jess Pigott, is now live online HERE.

This is the second exhibition from two rising stars of the contemporary art scene. Very different in style, form and execution, but with something in common; part of the growing movement that is once again making contemporary art executed in the traditional form of paint, “of the moment”. 

We’ve produced a page-turning catalogue for each, Alex may be seen HERE and Jess HERE.

All works are available for sale now, and may be purchased with the aid of the Arts Council Own Art scheme, spreading the cost over ten months at zero interest.

Doors to the exhibition will open at 10am on Saturday 5th November, with the exhibition running until the 26th. A reception will be held from 12 noon until 2pm on the 5th and it would be wonderful to see as many of you there as able, supporting both of these young artists who will be in attendance, and maybe a little less nervous than they were eighteen months ago for their first exhibition.

All for now,

Steve and Christine