Bill Bell, John Thompson and Video

13th March, 2013

Well, at just shy of two weeks since the Bill Bell exhibition was hung and we're at 25 sold out of 29 exhibited. The response to his work, spanning 53 years, has been remarkable, and some paintings could have sold a dozen times over. Four great works remain available as I type this  clearly identifiable as shown without the red dot or SOLD tag. We are hugely passionate about Bill's work, and will be actively building up works for future exhibitions.

If you take a look at the gallery Home Page  you'll see some changes. Over time we'll be introducing videos of a number of our artists, to give an insight into what makes them tick. The first to be completed is for our printmaker Iain Hodgkinson. You can view it by clicking on the small video screen on the home page, or the film icon towards the top of the page. This is something we've wanted to do since day one, and it's great to see it take shape.

Finally, we're very proud to be selling a number of works by the highly acclaimed and collected Northern artist John Thompson.  We can trace our love of northern art right back to a meeting with John in 1994. Effectively, he is the reason we're at Castlegate now. We're selling the works on behalf of John's estate, and in just over a week we've found new owners for four of them. A great start.

Steve and Christine

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