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Bill Bell and Winter

28th October, 2012

Bill Bell Bill Bell

Well, our plans for an exhibition of the works of Bill Bell next Easter are starting to come along in an exciting way. We've recently returned from a meeting with his family where we walked into the local village hall to be met with an amazing array of his works, just leaning up against the walls and on tables.

They'd brought them out of storage and this was the ideal place for us to take our first over all look. Unframed, some a tad dusty, we were so excited. There's a huge amount of work to do between now and next Spring, but it'll be so worth it. Bill was a truly great painter in that 20th Century northern tradition. Just painting the world around him. 

Plans are also afoot for our Winter exhibition, starting on 17th November, but with the exhibition going live on the web site (hopefully) the week before, with all items for sale from then. Works will start at £250 (ceramics £85), with lots to make ideal indulgent Christmas gifts. Or, if you're feeling flush, the odd Sheila Fell, Norman Cornish or Ken Howard. Something for everyone!

Steve and Christine