Bill Bell - A Different Cumbria - Exhibition

18th February, 2013

Bill Bell – A Different Cumbria is now live. Follow the link for the exhibition listing with prices, or to see a pdf copy of the physical catalogue and price list, click on the following and scroll down the page and

The first link above will provide expandable images, and in some cases the preparatory sketches for the works. All so far currently framed will also be shown as a framed image so that you may better imagine the work on your own walls.

Please bear in mind that all works are available from receipt of catalogue, be it web-based or physical. The physical catalogue will begin to arrive with people from today. They’re also available, free of charge, from inside the gallery.

The exhibition will run from 1st – 22nd March, and there will be a preview evening 6-8pm on Thursday 28th February. Members of Bill’s family will be there and everyone is most welcome to join us for a drink or two. We’re truly looking forward to getting the exhibition hung; it’s a body of work that really needs to be seen. Bill should, and I’m sure will be seen as an integral part of the Northern Art movement during the last half of the 20th century.

Steve and Christine 

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